Setting up Selenium for Python development env

Here are the steps to set up Selenium in a Python environment.

First and most importantly , you need to install Python as well as theSelenium and a WebDriver for the web browser you want to automate and Chrome is usually the fav browser for the automation developers. Here are the general steps to set up Selenium in a Python environment:

1. Install Python: If you don’t have Python installed, download and install it from the official Python website. Ensure you have Python 3.x installed.

2. Install Selenium: You can install Selenium using pip, which is the Python package manager. Open your command prompt or terminal and run:

pip install selenium or if you are using Anaconda , conda install -c conda-forge selenium

3. Download a WebDriver: Selenium requires a WebDriver for the specific web browser you want to automate. The most popular web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You’ll need to download the appropriate WebDriver executable and make sure it’s in your system’s PATH. Here are the links to download WebDriver executables for the major browsers:

Download the WebDriver for your browser, extract the executable (e.g., chromedriver.exe for Chrome) and place it in a directory that’s in your system’s PATH. This step is crucial to ensure Selenium can find and use the WebDriver.

Thanks for reading and happy learning!

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